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Fig. 4

From: Peripheral sensory neurons govern development of the nervous system in bivalve larvae

Fig. 4

Effect of serotonin on the growth of FMRFamide-immunoreactive processes during development of the mollusk Mytilus trossulus. Mussel trochophores (32 hpf) were cultured in filtered seawater in the presence of 5-HT (10−6 M) or without any additives (the control). Larvae were collected at the veliger stage (60 hpf) and subjected to whole-mount immunostaining for FMRFamide (green) and acetylated alpha-tubulin (blue) as described earlier [14]. ab2 right lateral view of untreated (a, a2) and 5-HT-treated (b, b2) larvae. a1, b1 Ventral view of untreated and 5-HT-treated larvae. Note the enhanced sprouting and absence of compact ventral neurite bundles in the 5-HT-treated larvae. CG cerebral ganglion, LNC lateral nerve cord, PlG pleural ganglion

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