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Fig. 2

From: Putative stem cells in the hemolymph and in the intestinal submucosa of the solitary ascidian Styela plicata

Fig. 2

Imaging flow cytometry analysis of hemocyte populations in Styela plicata. a Cell complexity of total hemocytes is shown (Side Scatter (SS) Standard deviation) as a function of body weight (r2 = 0.58, p = 0.038; y = 172.3x + 5078); b gating strategy applied to SS/ALDH scatterplots of one representative ascidian specimen (gates 1–6); Gates 5 and 6 show an increase in cells in ALDEFLUORTM-treated samples as compared to the ALDH inhibitor control (+DEAB); c gallery of images from selected gates representing cell morphologies, showing brightfield (BF), ALDH, and SS channels; d cell percentages corresponding to each gate on ALDEFLUORTM test samples (gray) vs. controls (white). Note the increase of cells in gates 5 and 6 (***p < 0.01) and the decrease in cells in gates 1 (*p < 0.05) and gate 2 (**p < 0.025), asterisks indicate significant differences using Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank tests; e cell complexity of hemocytes in gates 5 and 6 is shown (cell area standard deviation) as a function of body weight, gate 5 regression: r2 = 0.73, p = 0.0004, y = 0.61x + 43.21, gate 6 regression: r2 = 0.055, p = 0.59, y = 0.0962x + 49.77. Note that cells in gate 6 do not change in cell complexity in ascidians of different size

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