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Table 1 Abbreviations and descriptions of five main morphological syndromes commonly encountered in parasite-induced ant phenotypes

From: Among the shapeshifters: parasite-induced morphologies in ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) and their relevance within the EcoEvoDevo framework

Code Syndrome Description
CU Cuticle Altered colour, thickness, pilosity or sculpture of the cuticle compared to healthy conspecifics
IC Intercaste Morphology combining characteristics of two or more healthy castes of same species
PG Physogastry Gaster enlarged or distended due to presence of a parasite
PR Proportions Altered proportions of morphological structures (e.g., appendage length, head width) compared to healthy conspecifics of same caste
SXR Reduced sex characters Reduction of gonads, ocelli, wings or thoracic sclerites in specimens otherwise corresponding to gyne or male morphology