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Table 4 Effect of including sex as an interactive versus additive term when modeling the influence of diet on the expression of multiple genes

From: Sex-specific plasticity and the nutritional geometry of insulin-signaling gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster

Modela DFb VARc Pillaid Fe Pf
Tijk = Sk + (Ci + Pj + Pj2) 92 0.53979    
Tijk = Sk (Ci + Pj + Pj2) 89 0.51856 0.5284 2.1254 0.002
Tijk = Sk (Ci + Ci2 + Pj + Pj2 + CiPj) 85 0.51583 0.3791 1.0599 0.384
  1. aT is a matrix of expression levels across eight genes, S is sex, C is carbohydrate, P is protein, R is replicate vial (random factor). The models differ by having sex as an interactive versus an additive factor
  2. bEstimated degrees of freedom for each model
  3. cGeneralized variance
  4. dPillai’s trace is against model specified in row above
  5. eApproximate F-statistic is against model specified in row above
  6. fP-value for LRT is calculated by parametric bootstrapping using ML fit. Significant P-values are shown in bold