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Table 3 No. of distinct transcripts passing filters

From: A quantitative reference transcriptome for Nematostella vectensis earlyembryonic development: a pipeline for de novo assembly in emergingmodel systems

Type No.
Total number of assembled transcripts 119,911
≥1 BLASTx hit (Nematostella vectensis), e<5e-5 104,438
≥1 BLASTx hit (non-redundant), e <5e-5 61,835
≥1 BLASTx hit (non-redundant) and 80% similarity 48,235
≥1 BLASTx hit (Nematostella vectensis) and 80%similarity 47,193
Molecules per embryo (MPE) >100 8,154
MPE >100, ≥1 BLASTx hit (non-redundant) 6,169
Transcript families from transcripts with MPE >100,≥1 BLASTx hit (non-redundant) 4,055