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Table 1 Developmental types in polyclads

From: Put a tiger in your tank: the polyclad flatworm Maritigrella crozieri as a proposed model for evo-devo

Suborder Superfamily/family Genus/species Development/larva type
  Euryleptoidea/Euryleptidae Maritigrella crozieri Müller’s larva [1214]
  Euryleptoidea/Prosthiostomidae Amakusaplana acroporae Intracapsular Müller’s larva [15]
  Pseudocerotoidea/Pericelidae Pericelis cata Intracapsular/reduced Müller’s larva [16]
  Pseudocerotoidea/Boniniidae Boninia divae Reduced Müller’s larva [16]
  Leptoplanoidea/Notoplanidae Notoplana  
   Notoplana alcinoi Direct development [17]
   Notoplana australis Goette’s larva [18]
   Notoplana delicata Direct development [19]
  Leptoplanoidea/Leptoplanidae Hoploplana  
   Hoploplana inquilina Müller’s larva [10, 20]
   Hoploplana villosa Direct development [19]
  Leptoplanoidea/Stylochoplanidae Stylochoplana  
   Stylochoplana agilis Direct development [B Egger, unpublished observations]
   Stylochoplana maculata Müller’s larva [21] after [22]/direct development [23]
   Stylochoplana parasitica Direct development [19]
  Stylochoidea/Stylochidae Stylochus  
   Stylochus (Imogine) aomori Goette’s larva [19]
   Stylochus (Imogine) mcgrathi Goette’s larva [24]
   Stylochus (Imogine) mediterraneus Goette’s larva [25]
   Stylochus (Imogine) uniporus Goette’s larva [19]
   Stylochus (Imogine) zebra Direct development [26, 27]
   Stylochus (Stylochus) flevensis Goette’s larva [28]
   Stylochus (Stylochus) frontalis Direct development [29]
   Stylochus (Stylochus) neapolitanus Direct development [21]
   Stylochus (Stylochus) pilidium Goette’s larva [21]
   Stylochopsis ellipticus Goette’s larva [21] after [30]/Müller’s larva [31]
   Stylochus luteus Müller’s larva [21] after [32]
  Stylochoidea/Planoceridae Planocera  
   Planocera multitentaculata Müller’s larva [19]
   Planocera reticulata Intracapsular larva [19]/Kato’s larva [33, 34]/direct development [35]