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Thematic series and collections

Cross-journal thematic series
Edited by: Gaspar Jekely and Yi-Hsien Su

Thematic series
Emerging Systems
Edited by: Michalis Averof and Chiara Sinigaglia

Thematic series
Animal body-plan evolution: a cellular perspective
Edited by: Mansi Srivastava and Deirdre Lyons
Collection published: 18 November 2019

Cross journal collection
Planarians to Parasitism: Evolution, Development and Stem Cells in Flatworms
Edited by: Dr Peter Olson 
Collection published: 9 October 2013

Thematic series
Evodevo in extreme environments
Edited by: Dr Sylvie Retaux 
Collection published: 4 September 2013

Cross journal collection
The tammar wallaby genome and transcriptome
Collection published: 10 August 2011