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  1. The zona limitans intrathalamica (ZLI) and the isthmus organizer (IsO) are two major secondary organizers of vertebrate brain development. These organizers are located at the interface of the expression domains o...

    Authors: Manuel Irimia, Cristina Piñeiro, Ignacio Maeso, José Luis Gómez-Skarmeta, Fernando Casares and Jordi Garcia-Fernàndez
    Citation: EvoDevo 2010 1:7
  2. Homeobox genes are a superclass of transcription factors with diverse developmental regulatory functions, which are found in plants, fungi and animals. In animals, several Antennapedia (ANTP)-class homeobox ge...

    Authors: Maureen E Mazza, Kevin Pang, Adam M Reitzel, Mark Q Martindale and John R Finnerty
    Citation: EvoDevo 2010 1:3
  3. A through gut is present in almost all metazoans, and most likely represents an ancient innovation that enabled bilaterian animals to exploit a wide range of habitats. Molecular developmental studies indicate ...

    Authors: Michael J Boyle and Elaine C Seaver
    Citation: EvoDevo 2010 1:2